New Zealand Educational Consultant in Hyderabad

New Zealand is a young country which is also one among the beautiful countries that can be added in our ‘Must-visit’ countries. The country is filled with majestic fauna and flora that serves as an extra attraction to the country. The New Zealand has a blend of culture practicing various diverse traditions. Kiwis are New Zealanders, known for their friendliness make the country absolutely safe to live in.
Apart from its physical features, the country has been coming into the limelight showcasing it’s economic, academic and sports excellence to the entire world. Being a less populated country of 4.5 million, the country makes it an ideal country for international education. Yes! New Zealand has been stressing over its quality educational standards attracting 18% international students each academic year. In fact, New Zealand was first among the few countries to incorporate the ‘Code of Practice’ into its institutions acknowledging the foreign students.
If you’re having a tough time on deciding whether to study in New Zealand or not, this article will give you clear picture (especially, this educational guide is Indian students friendly)
Did you know?
New Zealand is one among the countries to prioritize education and it actually draws $5.1 billion from its GDP from it; ranking the fourth largest to contribute such gigantic funds on education.


New Zealand’s education system:

If you want to study abroad in New Zealand then you probably made a life-changing decision. The Education system is a well-constructed and perfectly organized where students make huge use of it.
Basically, the New Zealand’s educational system is a three-tier one. At each of these levels, students are offered high-quality educational facilities. Mainly speaking of the higher educational system, courses are researched and included into the curriculum which aid students to develop problem solving skills, get creative and innovative. Most importantly, it enables the students to process the information, learning various vocational techniques that make them ready to face the real world.
Apart from their academic brilliance, the country offers various other non-academic spheres so the students can make use a while in the process of effective learning.
There are 8 state-funded universities, 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) and about 550 Private Training Establishments (PTEs), including English language schools.
Did you know?
According to the QS World University Rankings, seven of New Zealand’s universities were in the top 100.

Tuition Fee:

New Zealand has been favoring the abroad education by allocation the most reasonable and quality education facilities to them. The ‘affordable cost of studying nature’ of New Zealand is what attracts millions of international students every year. The abroad education is the greatest investment to your career. Besides New Zealand is an absolute scenic beauty, the country offers extraordinary educational facilities.

Accommodation and living expenses in New Zealand:

All of us are aware that cost of studying in New Zealand is not quite cheap, but is identically expensive when compared to the other European study-destinations. However, it is totally worth for the amount of courses that are being provided, the quality and the top-notch teaching facilities.
Tuition fee, being the most crucial expense planning for the whole expenditure is equally important. But, as an international student from India, it is always important to regulate the expenditure. The living expenses however differ from each individual’s tastes and preference, lifestyle and spending habits, location you would want to stay in. Here is an approximate living expense that’ll take to study in New Zealand.
Like any other country, New Zealand offers abundant of accommodation options to live in. The university halls, rental apartments, hostels etc. while university halls are considered the most affordable way to curb the expenses, the vacancies fill real fast. However, accommodation expenses will cost you anywhere between NZD $250- $315 or even cheaper depending on your mode of stay.
Living expenses:
Apart from your tuition fee expenses, as an international student it is essential to draw a budget line to live abroad. For instance, expenses like food, transport, electricity, gas, communications, text books or reading materials, free time activities and others will cost you $20,000-$25,000 per year which is quite reasonable.


Scholarships are the saviors for the study-enthusiasts. In fact, they get you closer to your dream university in the country you always dreamt of. New Zealand is in fact one of the highly demanded country for abroad education and therefore, it provides a wide range of scholarship programs that broadens the scope of education in the country.
If you’re a meritorious student with excellent academic and conduct record, New Zealand welcomes you with open hands. The country also helps credible students who lack resources to study abroad through various scholarship programs at each level.
Here are a few scholarships programs to study in New Zealand that most Indians opt.
1. The ADB Scholarships at the University of Auckland- that provides tuition fees airfare to and from Auckland, basic cost of living in Auckland, health and medical insurance in New Zealand, etc for post-graduate students.
2. University of Otago International Research Masters Scholarships- this scholarship includes NZ$15,000 stipend per annum plus a tuition fee waiver for 1 year capped at the domestic rate for Master’s study for students who are opting to study masters.
3. Victoria Masters Scholarships- this scholarships include a $15,000 stipend plus domestic fees for post graduate students.
4. University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarships- This scholarship is worth up to NZ$10,000 applied to tuition fees.
Why spend extra when you can actually save money?


While in the process of planning your beautiful career abroad, it is important to make a bond with your home new country because that’s where you’re going to live for the next few years of your life. Let’s look at some crucial factors that contribute big time in the big country. Who wouldn’t want to study in the best universities of New Zealand? Of course everybody does. But you must know the various degree levels offered by the educational system. Basically, the New Zealand has adopted the British education system that means you are offered full meals!
Like said, the educational system of New Zealand is pretty standard. Like any other country’s degree levels, the higher educational system of New Zealand will begin from level 7; the level 5 and 6 are diploma courses. However, from the level 7, the actual higher education begins as per kiwis.
Level 7 comprises of bachelors, graduate certificate and a graduate diploma which are advanced undergraduate courses.
Level 8 Bachelor Honours Degree, Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma.
Level 9 Master’s Degree
Level 10 Doctoral Degree
Like mentioned above, New Zealand offers plenty of degree programs which are primarily vocational in nature that help students become completely ready to face the competition.


With each passing year, the majority of the international students are noticeably increasing in the educational institutions of New Zealand. The flexibility and the wide employment opportunities have been the supreme reasons. You can make use of the time as well as earn your pocket money to curb your expenses.
New Zealand has wider scope of employment opportunities both part-time and full time. Here is how easy to find employment opportunities in New Zealand. Moreover, the major reason to choose abroad education is to reach greater heights in the career; success career earns you name, fame and those dollar bills.
Part-time: The New Zealand government enables a 20 hours per week work opportunity to the international students. As a student you will have number of employment opportunities while pursuing your educational programme. You may find casual jobs or paid internships everywhere. You may find plenty of casual job vacancies online, around your neighborhood. For paid internships, you may seek the help of your college’s placement cell or simply, build contacts.
Full-time: If you want to fulfill your dream of working abroad, this is the right opportunity for you. New Zealand has a broader scope of employment opportunities; starting from public relations officials to software jobs. Just don’t forget to get a work study visa before applying!
Moreover, the major reason to choose abroad education is to reach greater heights in the career; success career earns you name, fame and those dollar bills.

Fun Fact:

New Zealand sets its own tuition fees depending of the level of education.
The New Zealand’s education system is built over minimalism. Thus you would totally benefit from it to the maximum.
The undergraduate courses may cost you anywhere between NZD $20,500 - $25,000 per year. However, the STEM related courses are naturally expected to be slightly high.
Masters in New Zealand is comparatively expensive. The postgraduate tuition fee may range from NZD $19,000 - $29,000 per year (might differ depending on your course) MBA tuition fee can be around NZD 31,000 - $50, 000 per year (usually, MBA in New Zealand is the most preferred irrespective of its expensive tuition fee.
PhD tuition fee can be between NZD $6,500 - $9,000 per year.
You may apply necessary scholarship programs if you’re exceeding the budget. Check out the next section to know more about scholarships available in New Zealand.