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The first thing that comes to one’s mind about the UK is-rich heritage, lush countryside, yummy breakfast, strange road rules, peculiar traditions and their elegant dressing sense. Not to forget,their leading edge educational service to the world!
With its roots stretching back to 12th century, the country has never seen a downfall in providing remarkable educational services. Unquestionably the country has much more to offer to its foreign students than any other English-speaking county.To know how, check out these few reasons out of many.
• The UK has globally recognized Universities-
The UK is home to the worlds most reputed Universities Oxford and Cambridge. But, The City University, Heriot-Watt University, Middlesex University, Edinburgh Napier University, Swansea University are some of the best Universities in UK which are mostly occupied with Indians and is convenient in all ways.
• Scorching Work opportunities-
As an international student, you are bestowed with a 20 work hours per week and 2 years post-study extension work.
• Student-friendly scholarship programs-
International education can cost a fortune if you don’t apply for suitable scholarship programs. UK offers plenty of scholarship schemes that are quite beneficiary to the international students to manage their tuition fee as well as living expenses.
• Witness multi-culture-
The UK is best known for its multiple cultures, ethnicities, faiths, religions and multi-lingual characteristics.
• Best student-life, assured-
The United Kingdom is the most preferred student destination for its excellent education, and to experience a thrilling student-life. The student alongside gaining incredible amount of knowledge, also have lots of fun exploring UK.
 • Did you know? According to the official international enrollment statistics, 458,520 international students were attending university in the UK
If you want to pursue your education abroad, here’s a quick yet informative guide particularly for Indian students to study in UK.


UK’s Educational system:

The UK’s educational system is built on high standards and quality which remained as the main reason for the increasing international student population. The UK is one of those rarest gems that is more inclined towards student-development rather than just providing educational facilities. The United Kingdom’s education system is built in such a way that the students can make maximum benefits of what is being taught in the classroom and most importantly, they are taught how to put them into practice. At the 5th level (higher education) of the education system of the UK students are taught to be market ready and to produce an individual for the betterment of the society; which is exactly why countries like Australia, India and other British governed countries.


With thousands of study programs, the UK became a versatile country to excel in the field of providing education. TheBritish, unlike any other country have different terms when it comes to naming the level of education. Here is a short yet detailed description of the types of degrees in UK.
An undergraduate program in UK usually takes 3-4 years BA (Bachelor of Arts) BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) are the types of undergraduate programs. Apart from these, there is an undergraduate level masters program for 4 years.
A postgraduate degree usually takes a minimum of 1 year to complete. MSc (Master of Science), MA (Master of Arts), MEd (Master of Education), LLM (Master of Law), MBA (Master of Business Administration), MRes (Master of Research) are the type of postgraduate degrees offered by the universities of the UK.
Taught masters degree:
The taught masters degrees are similar to associate degrees, but at different level. Usually at this level, students are offered 6 months quick intensive academic classes, followed by a 6 months project work ending with a thesis.
Master’s degree with a research:
Although the main aim of studying masters is to conduct research activities in other countries, in UK there’s a whole new course for that. These degrees can take 1 year or sometimes depending on the course opted. MPHIL, MEnt, MSc are some of the courses under these degrees.
to study PhDin UK, you need to have conducted researches with a MSc.

Tuition Fee:

United Kingdom is notorious for its world-class educational services and has placed itselfin the list of the best study destinations of the world. The high-quality teaching techniques, opulent technology and constructive research activities have made British education stand out from other countries.
The British education offers as many as 30,000 academic programs in undergraduate and graduate level taught in English language. Therefore there is a wide scope of choices for the enthusiasts to choose.
Now the answer to the question, ‘How much does it cost to study in UK? is pretty much anticipated beingsky-scraping; because best things do not come for without charge. But the education is worth every penny. Lay the foundation strong so you can enjoy the view from the top floor. Although the cost to study in the UK depends on factors like the university and the program you choose, you can still curb them by applying for suitable scholarships (check out the next section to know more).
The undergraduate degree may cost anywhere between £8,000- £30,000 for full-time coursesand on an average, £12,000per year depending on the course you choose. The post-graduate degree tuition may cost between£10,000- £13,000 per year. Please note that the medicine, business and technology related courses are slightly expensive than other field of courses.

Scholarship facilities to study in UK:

The UK’s higher education is almost the most expensive in the world. No doubt there are many public Universities in UK that charge nominal fee. But you can still study in the prestigious Universities of UK regardless of their high tuition fee by simply applying for the scholarship programs.The post-graduation programs are considered the most expensive.
Thanks to the government of UK, there is a huge list of scholarship schemes especially available to Indian students to overcome the gigantic tuition fee fear. Here is a list of scholarship facilities to study in UK that are popularly applied by Indians who aspire to study abroad in UK.
• Chevening Scholarships, for Post-graduate program; enables Tuition + Airfare + monthly stipend & other allowances.
• Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships, for PhD program; enables Tuition + Airfare + Visa + Monthly Stipend.
• Sir Ratan Tata Post-Doctoral Fellowship, for post-doctoral program; enables 8-month Fellowship at LSE, includes travel expenses.
• Felix Scholarship, for post-graduation program; enables Tuition + Airfare + Living Expenses.
• GREAT Scholarships, for graduation and post-graduation programs; enables Full Tuition (for one year of study).
• Inlaks Scholarships, for post-graduation program; enables Full Tuition (up to USD 100000) + Travel and Maintenance.

Accommodation and living expenses in UK:

On a factual note, the United Kingdom is one among the most expensive countries. However, the living expenses will greatly depend on your lifestyle, the location of the university location, spending customs and your financial plan.
The accommodation expenses are the second most important expense as an international student. The UK offers a wide variety of accommodation options like the campus halls, sharing rooms, hostels. The accommodation costs can be between £180- £350 per month approximately.
The living expenses include food, travel, gas,electricity, books, library charges, stationery,insurance laundry, internet, communications, leisure and entertainment expenses and other utility bills can cost you under £1,300 per month if you choose to live in the expensive cities and a minimum of £1,000 in other parts of the UK. That constitutes approximately £12,000-£15,000 per year in addition to the tuition fee in the great English country.
The budget planning is an obligation once you decide to study abroad. Seek the help of a good educational consultancy is advisable. Why not choose CIAV instead? We’re the best educational consultancy who had helped over thousands of students plan their budget and achieve great heights in life.


If you’re looking to work to financially support yourself or to build up your career that you always dreamt of, the UK has you covered. The UK is a treasure in providing employment opportunities. The highly qualified universities in the UK offer plenty of job placements for its students. Here’s how you find employment opportunities in UK.
According to the UK’s immigration rules, the main aim to seek education abroad is to gain knowledge and not dollar bills. Therefore grants every student to work for 20 hours per week if he/she wishes to. Whether you want to earn your pocket money or to have job experience, there are plenty of casual jobs and non-casual jobs available for students. You could contact your campus’s placement cell, build contacts or even take a walk in your neighborhood for job vacancies.
Once you graduate from one of the best universities of UK, you can quickly dive into the ‘earning phase’ of your life. BUT! You should have a work visa before you apply for any job. However, there are many job opportunities waiting for you not only in UK, but the entire world (you have a degree from the prestigious universities of UK after all!) With the introduction of two years work visa extension alongside the student-visa UK has become the most preferred study-destinations in the world.
So,whenis your expedition to the big country beginning?