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Are you one of those study-enthusiasts who always dreamt of studying abroad but are completely mystified on how to reach your destination? Why worry when we're here? Center for International Admissions and Visa (CIAV) is the top overseas education consultancy who has never stopped being optimal in the process of providing 'the best' to its students. There's nothing wrong in wishing for 'the best' in life. Be it life or career related decisions an expert's suggestions are a big YES. Our efficiently working consultants would love to see your success and support you with everything you need 'from and during' your abroad education.

We transpire you from the venomous misconceptions- “education abroad is too pricey and that we cannot afford education in world-class universities of prestigious countries”. Away from these false believes we craft a uniquely favorable career plan, let you know the pros and cons of each step while doing all the complex work with time efficiency, skills and experience.
All that you need to do is come with a minimal knowledge of what you want to be, we design and customize your plan while disclosing all the necessary information- ways to save money, scholarships, loans, employment opportunities, pre and post departure orientations and an overall picture about your student life in the next 3 years in a new country.


Career is an essential component of our personal growth and development. But how many of us have a clear-cut career plan? Our certified consultants have an immense knowledge about career planning, practical considerations and academic emergencies, visa procedure and everything that requires for your study-journey in your new host country. We, a young consultancy are a linkage to your career and belief system in the beginning and then between you and your educational destination thus, we transform your study-abroad dreams into functional reality. Undoubtedly, students are offered many courses but they end up taking courses they've never heard of; an outcome of lack of guidance.

CIAV’s highly skilled and experienced consultants are the greatest asset. We guide students who lack right supervision and are unaware of the complex procedure that it takes to study abroad. We educate on the things that make your living easy, comfortable and efficient. Our educational consultants have helped over a thousand students to pursue their dream career in the reputed universities of USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and in the prestigious European universities of UK, Germany, Norway, Finland and Finland Our albums are filled with success stories of students are we’re proud to be part of their journey. We nurture you like a mother who never fails to support her child. CIAV, is the best go-to place for any kind of career-related queries and a one hundred percent reliable institution. Consider this- our services are distinct and quality-added than other educational institution in Hyderabad.


  • 1. To provide a clear career pathway and evidence your success expedition.

  • 2. To provide enormous support to the fanatics who aspire to study in the privileged institutions abroad.

  • 3. Make your entire study-journey worthwhile, by no means of compromising with comfort.

  • 4. To assure a trouble-free application process.

  • 5. To improve the level of learning in the Indian society by suggesting abroad universities with quality and advanced learning techniques.

  • 6. To provide employment to certified and talented consultants and contribute our share of gratitude to the society.

  • 7. To ensure a great student life and provide a second home in a new country.

  • 8. Our ultimate goal is to make international education available to all parts of Indian society rather than restricting it to the wealthy.



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